Sunday, 2 September 2007

I really envy those who seem to make lots and lots of cards so quickly - it's taken me all afternoon to do these and they still seem to be lacking.......... But at least they're done. Now I have to decide which ones to upload. I'm afraid the Gesso came out again - I love that stuff - and the main images are over a Resist effect on Glossy card. It's worth pointing out that the glossy card was the coated encaustic kind, so the images aren't quite as crisp as they would have been on hi gloss. The only reason I used it was cos it was lying around and was already cut - I couldn't be bothered getting the other stuff - wish I had now! Just realised on looking that there's no 'C' on one of these pages - duh!
Now to get my Words ATC swap sorted out and find out which ones I need to scan before I swap them out. Then I need to draw the winner of the August Challenge and to draw letters for the new Alphabet tag swap we're doing. I'm excited about this one, as we're doing an Imaginary People swap and each person has to give their image an imaginary name and an imaginary life, describing him/her in as much detail as they can fit into one paragraph on the back of the tag.

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