'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Today, I'm focusing on being thankful for rubber stamps and for stamping!
I was never 'into' art or anything remotely considered artistic - other than knitting, sewing, rug making and a bit of doodling, but I had played around with Calligraphy and other forms of Word art, especially desk top publishing, through which I created cards, posters, etc.

Then, one day a (still precious) friend showed me her stamps... but I was most interested in being able to write with a broad nibbed embossing pen and gold emboss it...wow! Amazingly, another close friend sent me a stamped birthday card that year. We both joined a Yahoo stamping group (the internet was new, then!) and things snowballed from there. To cut a long story short, I ended up with an online business and a shop, doing the local show (Port Sunlight) and some others (helped by that same friend) ... for ten years! I have met so many wonderful people, made long lasting (some closer than others) friendships with people from all over the world and have done all kinds of things I never in a million years expected to do... and I still love stamping, 20+ years on! 

Here's today's page... I had no intention of using flowers but spotted them in a box of bits and they looked good... I'd already coloured and fussy cut them, so I edged them, drew stems and stuck them onto the stamped and stencilled background. 
My trusty label maker generated the words.

I'm linking to 
Sweet Stampin, Make Your Own Background
More Mixed Media, ATG (optional black)
Mix it Up, ATG, with optional watercolouring 
Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge
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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Good morning peeps.
Today we have a new challenge
I hope you'll join us. Don't forget that you can use any medium you like and interpret the theme any way you like.
For inspiration, please check the gorgeous artwork from the TIOT Design Team.
I look forward to visiting your blog 😊

I bought this Crafty Individuals stamp at Port Sonlight last year, but haven't used it until now. It's a brilliantly drawn image and it's easy to imagine expression on the faces of these wonderful penguins, just from body language. They also need VERY little colouring.

The background is a variety of Distress inks (Tumbled Glass, Shaded Lilac, Blueprint Sketch and Hickory Smoke) and a touch of 2 Glimmer Mists, sponged over a torn bit of paper to creat mounds of snow and ice. I finished it off by adding texture paste through a snow stencil. I had planned on adding to the background (before I added the texture paste), but when I looked at it again, it seemed snowy and cold enough.

I'm joining Leah's Art Every Day in November challenge and for Thankful November 12, I'm thankful for animals and pets.
I'm also joining Sweet Stampin's Make Your Own Background challenge 
Addicted to Stamps, Anything Goes

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Monday, 11 November 2019

I almost didn't make today - people matter more than things...😉
But I decided to do something quick, so I daubed some blue and blue/grey Oxides across a page, more greys at the bottom, spritzed with water, heat set and stamped one of my favourite rain images (Katzelcraft). I stuck another cut out coloured image (edged with a black Pitt pen) over the top and added the words, spattering with black and blue, then with clear water.

So, because I'd just walked in from a really dark, grey, wet and windy day, today I'm thankful for being warm and cosy in my home - and thankful I have somewhere to call home.

I'm joining Leah's Art Every Day Month challenge.
Thank you for calling in today
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Sunday, 10 November 2019

Today I'm thankful for 
Playing with colour is a great way to bring light into our lives, and especially when we're feeling 'grey'...or 'blue'.
In exactly the same way a touch of bright sunshine - think Spring - changes the way nature appears, bright colours can also change how life looks and therefore how we feel. Not always - but some of the time. Light can make such a huge difference.

I added blobs of Liquitex (vibrant) heavy body acrylics to the top of my page, spritzed with water, stood it upright to let them drip downwards, then spritzed again a few times, to encourage the flow. 
(I had to dab off some of the 'muddy' bits as they flowed a little too much 😉)  
The paintbrushes and words are stamped and clear embossed, then coloured with Posca pens and Stylo White Gel Pen. 
Linking to Leah's Art Every Day Month.
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Saturday, 9 November 2019

Today's page is another stencil clean off from a few days ago, when I was using Oxide reinkers. I scraped some embossing paste through a stencil on the day I made it and left it. So today, I decided to work with what was there and since one of the larger circles looked like a moon to me, that's what it became... and the white lines became a snowy effect. That's possibly because I'm REALLY cold today, so it's on my mind.

I knew I wanted an image slightly over the 'moon' so I had a rummage through my stamped images, found what I thought was the perfect one and (seriously - laboriously) fussy cut it, coloured it, then decided it wasn't what I wanted 😒
So...when looking through my stamps some birdies caught my eye, but they weren't quite right - then I remembered these whimsical owls! So I stamped them on the page and again on some card, knowing that the texture would stop me getting a clear image. After colouring them (with Promarkers) I cut out the larger bits and stuck them over the stamped image on the page, edging it with Hickory Smoke Oxide. 

I like the idea of these two huddling together in the cold moonlight, so I chose friends as my focus for today. I'm thankful for friends and for all the richness they bring to my life. Some friends are only close for a season, but bring enormous joy and blessing to that season - while other friendships last for most of our lives and are all the more precious because of that, made so much deeper by of all you go through together - a shared history. 

I'm joining Leah's Art Every Day Month with this,
Moo Mania & More's Circles challenge
and also 
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Friday, 8 November 2019

Today I'm thankful for the freedom to choose...even though whichever choice you make will upset someone important to you... and for my family.

I started with a stencil clean off page in my small journal, then just added a few stamps and a bit more of the same inks - Oxides. Sorry, but I can't remember where the little girl stamp is from...it's from a time when I ordered a bunch of photographic images from various non-UK companies. 

I'm joining Moo Mania & More with Circles
Art Every Day Month with Leah and friends.

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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Today is Izzi's 7th birthday...where do the years go?
As with most little girls, I'm sure, she is 7 going on 27 and thinks Nannie (and especially her shoes) just 'has no style'! I love her to bits and am incredibly thankful for her - she's my only grandchild.
I'm going to pick her up from school with my son and his wife, then we're all going out, so I won't be around much at all today.

My contribution to Leah's Art Every Day Month. today is her birthday card... which was fun (but a bit fiddly) to make. I used Oxides for the background, with lots of spatters of water, silver and white acrylic and Promarkers/Copics and Glitter Gel Pens for the aliens. The words didn't stamp properly because the stamp is uneven, which is such a shame, but I think I'll get away with that...there are lots of glittery bits - even glittery starry night embossing powder around the edges AND a few gems...which I very rarely use. Little girls like glittery things 😉
Inside it says, 'You are my favourite earthling'.

I'm playing along with 
Addicted to Stamps and more's ATG challenge
Stamp & Fun = Creativity, Stars
Send a Smile 4 Kids, ATG (or Christmas/holidays)

Thanks for popping in today
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Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Today's offering is an experiment with colours and mediums...it's a bit of a mishmash of vivid colour, using acrylics, Neocolor crayons, gel pen, a stencil or two and Posca pens... I just kept adding bits with no aim in mind. As you can tell, the badly drawn (smaller) leaves are mine...he, he - the larger ones are stencilled. No stamping on this for a change...just lots of doodling.

As I was playing, I was thinking about leaves and the cycle of life. Beautiful, new, green leaves gradually change and become individual works of art, each with their own individual colours...but always beautiful. Seasons are necessary, even if we don't always welcome them with open arms. We can learn a lot from nature. So today I'm thankful for seasons and especially for the different seasons in my life. Each one has its own treasures - its own fruit - and with each one comes new grace for the moment.

The berries are there for Rike's AJJ challenge, which is fruit and/or veggies and I'm linking to Leah's Art Every Day Month
Why not join us? There's no need to create every single day...
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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

It's Bonfire Night - yay!
But no, I'm not celebrating Guy Fawkes night - oh how we used to love this time of year, walking around with our 'swede' (turnip) lanterns in the dark and sharing goodies like treacle toffee, jacket potatoes cooked in the bonfire and black eyed peas...not to mention the fireworks in everyone's gardens...it was so exciting. It's all organised events now, with very few actual bonfires...no competitively created 'guys'... nothing at all like it was. But it IS much safer and that's a good thing. I'm celebrating the beauty and wonder of the everyday.
Today's page is a continuation of yesterday's in some ways ...I'm thankful for the beauty in the things we take for granted and don't even notice most of the time. 
I chose to use a flower again, using a Studio Light image over another Oxide reinker background. This time I used Mustard Seed, Worn Lipstick and Toasted Marmalade and did a bit of simple stencilling, colouring the flowers with acrylic paint, Copics (leaves and stems) and white gel pen, and  part stamping some random words. I found the words in my treasured stamped words box (I try to remember to stamp words more than once, so that I can pick out individual words to use in journalling) and they fitted what was in my head...
May we never lose the wonder of the ordinary things in life, things like the comfort of being able to kick back, relax and unwind in our own home. 

I'm linking to Art Every Day Month again...lovely to see you again if you're popping in. It's wonderful to see the diversity in the other participants' creativity and to learn new things...

Thanks for popping in today.
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Monday, 4 November 2019

Today's page was meant as a homage to Tracy Evans, but became almost a  copy...with different stamps and a different stencil, but still the same idea and technique. It looks very different, though.
I used a Donna Downey stencil and a Visible Image flower, stamped on book paper, background created with Oxide reinkers. the contrast is made by spraying part of the stencil, then laying it over the background to oxidise the inks and remove a bit of colour. I love the way it turned out, even though you can see the corner of the stencil...I was trying to avoid the larger circles, so had to use the edge.
So, today I'm thankful for the little things - the things that surprise me and bring a smile to my face. This one was seeing a new flower on my clematis - I'd already been surprised by the appearance of one, last week, but the second one just made a difference, somehow, in the midst of cold, wet and windy weather. Or it could be an unexpected visit (text, call or card) from a friend or family - or a beautiful sunset or starry sky...those little things that make you glad to be alive. But also the times when God speaks to me (and my spirit pings!) or shows me something I hadn't realised until then - those times when he feels especially close. That's why I chose those words...each little surprise strengthens all of these in me. Every little unexpected smile is a precious gift from him.
I am, of course, joining Art Every Day Month with this.
I'm also joining Mix it Up, where the challenge is ATG optional watercolour and Simon Says Stamp Mondays Journalling challenge.
I'll have to remember to journal some fruit and veggies soon, for AJJ. 

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Sunday, 3 November 2019

My brother rang out of the blue to say he would be calling in on his way home, and wanted to spend the night here, so - because my playtime was cut short - I had to get my quick and easy head on! 
I rooted through my stamped, coloured image container and found these two friends...and the words were from a Visible Image plate that just happened to be out...so I daubed some Distress Oxide Cracked Pistachio across the bottom of a page, sponged on some baby blue acrylic, blended a little, then used a couple of stencils for the white rain (or snow?). 
Once I'd stuck down my two birds and sketched in the ground, I decided to add the washi tape for interest... I cut the words up, attached them, then decided to draw a speech bubble. For some reason, there's a cloud stamp in the middle of the words and because that was in my head, I had the idea of adding a personal rain cloud over the poor, miserable goosey... I painted it, outlined it and added dots for fun. 
This page was fun to make and made me smile 😊 
But I couldn't get 'Why does it always rain on me?' out of my head, afterwards... 

Voilà... my 'Thankful in November #3' is done. 
Today, I'm thankful that it's okay to not be okay - as long as it's only sometimes! 

Linking, of course, to AEDM 2019
Thanks, Leah. See you all some time later, I hope!
I'm also joining Simon Says Stamp Mondays Journalling Challenge.

Thanks for popping in today
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Saturday, 2 November 2019

Day 2 of Art Every Day Month on Leah's Creative Every Day blog.
I'd already coloured and fussy cut lots of shrooms for TIOT's Colours of Autumn challenge, so my page today is a celebration of Autumn and all its blessings.
I used Distress Inks for the background, including the stamping, adding touches of Warm Umber and Antique Gold paint.
I'm also happy to be able to join the challenge on Art Journal Journey Blog, which is 'Fruit or Veggies' and Mix it Up's Anything Goes challenge, with the option of Watercolour (I watercoloured the leaves with Distress Inks).
I'm also playing along with Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge, which is Journalling, Country View Challenges' Hand Stamped, The Artistic Stamper Challenge's Mix it Up and with More Mixed Media's Orange Challenge (Toasted Marmalade and Rusty Hinge DIs).
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Friday, 1 November 2019

Happy November!
Wow! Where has the year gone? I can't believe it's November again and so little time to go before Christmas!

I've decided to take a risk and try to take part in Art Every Day Month again this year... sadly, I'm unable to promise to create every day but I'll do my best to create on some days and will try to get to a few of the participating blogs each day...  I'll also try again to make it a month of Thanksgiving! Focusing on our blessings is always and only good for all of us.

So, I'm starting November with a Circles page, just for Moo Mania &More's current challenge. I love circles, so had a quick play on an acrylic (Liquitex) smooshed background I made yesterday, just using circle stamps. I spotted the words as I was hunting for the circles and so they became flowers...again! It's not a brilliant page - the larger criss crossed circle looks so out of place - but I like the idea and will do something similar again...this one may or may not make it to my journal, though I did resize it to fit, just in case. Love the way the circle background stamp looks around the edges...and I love squiggled stems!

Why not join us just for the month? It's lots of fun and really good for your art!
Thanks for popping in
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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Thought I'd share another quick Autumn card, which came into being simply because I couldn't read the words on the words stamp, so tried them on a small square of card and embossed in clear ep in order to show them up clearly! 

This Time to Stamp maple leaf is one of my all time favourite leafy stamps - I love the fact that it's so delicate and feathery. The extra fussy cut leaves were added because they were on my desk... the curled leaf on the background is a PSX stamp. I used Distress Inks for the background and to watercolour the leaves, having stamped them in Archival inks.

I'm linking to 
Addicted to Stamps & More's Photo challenge (leaves and colours)

Ellibelle's Crafty Wednesday Challenge, Stamp it!
Use Your Stuff, Fall Project with at least 3 leaves...

This card is anything but seasonal... I just fancied using this image, so here it is. It's an Oxide background with some DI watercolouring on the Studio Light flutterbies, which are stamped again, fussy cut and stuck over the stamped images...they're also finished off with some clear acrylic glitter paint from an old bottle I bought when I first started stamping, around 22 years ago! The borders were stamped with no attention to how straight they were - and yes, it's deliberate. I added some random white and black pen on the cross hatch border - I didn't want it to be alternated or 'perfect'. Maybe I should've saved this for Thankful November...sadly, you can't really see the colour variations on this - the scanner didn't pick them up but I can't photograph it because it's already in the mail...it's actually more of a lavender and green - I used Shaded Lilac and Cracked Pistachio inks, stencilling in Brilliance Lavender, to add a little sheen, and spraying in clear mica to finish.
This will be the card I link to a couple of the above challenges...
(For some weird reason, despite trying to reformat several times, Blogger won't let me centre anything above this paragraph - weird - so please accept my apologies for the mixed formatting!)
Thanks for calling in today
I hope to see some of you in November's Art Every Day challenge, as and when I'm able...
I'll be back soon...

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Good Morning, peeps! Today, we start a new challenge over at
and the challenge is
Colours of Autumn
So dig out your paints, inks, pens and images and join us in celebrating the luscious colours of beautiful Autumn...

I've focused on 'shrooms for this one...I absolutely love fungi, and used to go hunting them down at this time of year, especially when I had a good camera. There are so many amazing varieties and colours to see - and there are some very varied smells, too 😁
Have you ever come across the humble stinkhorn? It really does live up to its name!

My Tim Holtz 'shrooms aren't really 'shrooms, of course - they're the well recognised Fly Agaric toadstools (even if they're not supposed to be...) instantly recognisable to most of us as the archetypal fairy dwelling...and they are gorgeous, despite being VERY poisonous!
Please allow me a bit of artistic licence here, because they all ended up in pretty similar colours - even the much larger one (Stampotique by Jo Capper Sandon) which is definitely not really in perspective and is a little slender for the FA....although I suppose the others could be babies...h'mm? 
I used Fossilised Amber, Aged Mahogany, Walnut Ink and Toasted Marmalade DI for the background. The words (Hero Arts) are stamped in Versafine Clair Acorn and Walnut Ink DI, while the larger words are die cut alphabet letters. Oh and the blowing leaves are an old PSX stamp which only comes out at this time of year...

I even took a few photos to show off the gold paint bits... it looks really sparkly and rich. I used Promarkers and Prisma pencils to colour - albeit not very well...
 Everything has been beautifully spattered with Walnut ink and Antique Gold Acrylic paint, to give it that 'tattered' windswept look... 
 The colour looks different because it was night time, under daylight white bulbs.
Thank you so much for popping in today. I do hope you'll join us at Try it on Tuesday and don't forget to have a peep at the Design Team's beautiful inspirational pieces... you have two weeks to play. 
We look forward to 'seeing' you!

I'm linking this to Stamping Sensations' Leaves and/or Trees and/or Autumn challenge...
I'll be back soon

Sunday, 27 October 2019

The current Paper Minutes challenge is Birds...so I made this...he's clearly standing on an uneven bit of ground...😊😉

I made the background with Dina's Scribble Sticks and a stencil...plus a touch of smooshing. The balloons and other bits are painted with Liquitex acrylics, as is the grass, though I watered it down.
I'm also linking to the Allsorts Challenge is to Make your own background.

This one I made last week, but didn't really like the way it turned out and half pulled it apart...it has foils and gold leaf on it as well as Delicata gold and Distress inks in my favourite Autumn shades. Background stamps are from an SU leaf set. The single leaf is an old PSX stamp I love, watercoloured with DIs and fussy cut. The rough frame is bits from my scrap box.. 
I'm linking to 
Papercraft Challenges, Fall (Autumn)
Sweet Stampers, Autumn, Halloween
Crafty Calendar, Autumn Colours, Halloween
Cards and More, Autumn
Stamping Sensations, Trees and/or Leaves and/or Autumn

Thank you for popping in

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Thursday, 17 October 2019

Simon Says Stamp Monday's Challenge this week is All Things Pink, while Penny Black and More's Challenge is Pretty in Pink... so I made an all pink card, also using Spots and Stripes, to fit this week's challenge at Allsorts.

I used a stencil for the stripes, a stamp for the spots (the stamp's a bit wide, but it's also created striped spots 😊), using Spun Sugar and Victorian Velvet Distress Inks, with a touch of Versafine Clair pink, which I don't like...but it is pink! The 2 part flower stamps have a solid image, but I stamped it, and the outside, in Victorian Velvet Distress Oxide, expecting it to emboss...but the Distress Inks picked up the EP instead... I quite like it, though. I also added a touch of Promarker to the petals and used it for the stems. I used a toning card for the mount (sorry the scanner can't seem to pick that up) and a Spun Sugar shade for the actual card, so the only thing that isn't pink is the sentiment.
Day of the Month Club's current challenge is Anything Goes, in honour of World Cardmaking Day, October 5th and
Time Out's challenge is to make something Encouraging.

Thank  you for calling in...
I'll be back soon

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

I've been playing around with some Autumn colours, so I thought I'd share them with you before I get waylaid...

Daring Cardmakers have a 'Use up your scraps' challenge on at the moment, so once I'd fulfilled my need to stamp a pear or two 😉 I used some of my favourite card colour (rich, red brown) scraps to brighten up the card and add a little more interest. I used Promarkers to colour the pears (PSX), having embossed them in gold ep. Autumn just seems to cry out for gold and copper, don't you think? I haven't used many eyelets, either - as you can see from the pic - one of them went disastrously wrong... but I didn't want to waste my nutty coloured card - even if it is a scrap/offcut! The pear words are an old favourite from Stamp in the Hand, stamped in Versafine Clair Acorn.

I have a few baskets of scraps and offcuts, in various sizes, so I pulled out a couple to try out my new TH skeleton leaves, using various shades of Versafine Clair to stamp them and clear embossing. On one of the cards I smooshed some Distress inks (Toasted Marmalade, Rusty Hinge, Aged Mahogany and Fossilised Amber, with a touch of Walnut Ink; on the other, I sponged on the inks. My favourite seasonal Hero Arts stamp had its seasonal outing for the words, using either Acorn or Walnut ink for a contrast, with some splotch stamping around in Walnut ink and Shimmer Gold Delicata, which I edged both panels with. I wiped the excess ink off the embossed leaves with a baby wipe, to show the stamped images more clearly. 

The smooshed card was just crying out for something 'natural', so I found my twine and wrapped it round, adding a metal charm with gold thread, for a bit of interest...while rooting through my charms I came across some metal words, so I thought it was about time I stopped hoarding them and used TWO! A certain friend of mine would faint if she knew I'd even used one 😅 let alone a copper one!!! (Yes, I love copper and aged metal)
Last but not least, a couple of days ago, I played with blue and grey and my Lavinia and Inkylicious stamps... I used Weathered Wood and Tumbled Glass Oxides, with a touch of Versafine Clair Paradise, some Brilliance Moonlight White and some Stormy Sky DOX. Some of the stamping was done with the Weathered Wood and Tumbled Glass, to add dimension. The (very) misty mountains (no, they're not hopping - and only we ageing Led Zeppelin fans would have a clue what I'm talking about...) in the background are inked with an Inkylicious stencil. A touch of Prismacolor pencils added a little more definition.
I'm pleased to be able to enter the following challenges:-

Sweet Stampin, Autumn Colours/Harvest
Stamping Sensations, Trees/Leaves/Autumn
Make My Monday, Fruit/Vegetables
Incy Wincy Designs, Autumn Colours
Artsy Stamper, Autumn Colours
Moo Mania & More, Count Your Blessings (Reflect)
Creatalicious, Autumn
Paper Minutes, Autumn

I've also decided that I'm going to do a charm giveaway - or two - so if you're interested, keep your eye on my posts... I have a RIDICULOUSLY large stash and they're here, by my side, waiting to be sorted out, so I know I'll have quite a few to share. I could never use what I have even if I added a charm to every card I make... I used to be a real collector, and amassed quite a number via RAKs on my Yahoo group, not to mention the remainder of those I also used to sell when I had my shop... 😌

Thank you for calling in today. I hope you're well...
I'll be back soon

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

I thought I'd play a little with my Scribble Sticks (Dinah Wakley) and here's what I ended up with...

Using a Visible Image stamp (edged with black pen, fussy cut and stuck over the stamped image) with text and graphic stamps in Versafine Clair, 2 die cuts, punched stars and some inspirational words. Plus a hand drawn border...sorry, no idea which company the words are from. 
This is yet another card that really should have been a journal page...
...so today, I decided to play in my watercolour journal instead, using Aall and Create and TH stencils, charcoal, die cut letters and some scribbles à la Dinah 😉 
I'm linking to 
Art Journal Journey Challenge, Dreams and Wishes.
Mix it Up, Open technique (stencilling and scribbling?)
More Mixed Media, ATG + Orange (there is a little orange...)
Thanks for calling in...
I'll be back soon

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

It's Tuesday and time for a new challenge over at 

For this one we are asking for your interpretation of

Animal Magic

You have until the 14th October to enter, using your preferred style and medium to celebrate some of our animal friends. 

We look forward to visiting your blogs.
The Design Team have some fab creations to inspire you over on the Try it on Tuesday blog, so don't forget to have a look!

Mine is pretty predictable given the fact that I tend to use these animals every chance I get - even for Christmas!  I will try to make another few cards or do some journalling over the next couple of weeks... this one is very 'busy'...

I used Dylusions paints for the background - Turquoise and Lime - but try as I might, the scanner just wouldn't pick up the true colours...  the darker green is Mowed Lawn Distress Oxide. I painted the balloons with Dylusions, too.

It's only in French because that's the name of a widely available French cheese spread, La Vache Qui Rit , though you can now buy it over here as Laughing Cow (triangles).  It is loosely based on a journal page I saw (Sorry, I'll have to get the link later). Words created with a labeller.

I'm happy to be playing in the following challenges:-

Allsorts, Boys to men (made for a cheese loving man)

Simon Says Stamp on Wednesdays, Anything Goes

Always Fun Art Challenges, Anything Goes

Thank you so much for visiting today

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Saturday, 21 September 2019

The colours of Autumn are now starting to display and aren't there some beautiful leaves around? 
As the flowers decay, it's just beautiful to see fresh colours. So, I made a couple of leafy cards.

The first uses Bee Crafty's Oak leaves - or one oak leaf - the other one is huge and would work best for journalling or for a full card (ping!). They're lovely stamps and I did mean to go back for the other set, but of course I forgot. I always feel guilty for buying leafy stamps because I have collected them ever since I began stamping (over 20 years now) and having a bit of a leaf and tree fetish 😎 I have LOADS! But fresh ones always inspire. 

I made this using one of my standard autumn leaf methods, stamping in Adirondacks or Distress inks (Oxides this time), then blending the colours with a damp paintbrush. I made the mistake of stamping over a couple with Gathered Twigs and wish I'd pulled out my Adirondacks now and used Currant or Raisin! I love their reds. The GT looks a little TOO dark and I did it by 'eyeballing' instead of being precise with my stamping platform, which didn't quite work out as well as I'd hoped. I still like it, though 😊 The colours I used were Aged Mahogany, Toasted Marmalade, Mustard Seed and Fossilised Amber, with a hint of Festive Berries.

This one I actually stamped last year on hot pressed watercolour paper, but decided I'd made too many leafy cards. I fussy cut the edges on one side and coloured with Inktense Pencils, but my beautiful clean paper ended up spotted with colour, so I continued to fussy cut, then edged with black Pitt pen and glued to a blank white card. I added a little strip of faux stitched edging and stamped the PB words above to complete, attaching to a warm rush coloured card after layering onto black.

Thinking of the challenge over at Stamping Sensations - Flowers - I made this echinacea card.This is one of my favourite flowers and I know they come in lots of colours, but I chose to keep them white, like daisies. The background is a Stampington cube stamp I've had for a LONG time and a couple of Tim Holtz fragments, with a little grey stencilling, too. I started it when making a few pink and grey backgrounds, so I finished it off in the same colours, fussy cutting the flowers and adding length to the stems.The larger background stamps were designed by Isa Norris, who seems to have gone onto other things these days. Yes, I've had them a long time.

This was a delight to make...I enjoyed it so much, doodling a few more waves and adding colour as and when I felt like it. I love it's imperfection! The words in the background are from a Donna Downey stencil - I removed the colour with a babywipe, after playing around a little with that technique à la CAS stencil...but no, this isn't in any way CAS. The image just fitted the words perfectly and although I wanted to paper piece over the girl, I chose not to so that the words would show through. I've added a whiter tail to the 'Y' which I'd inadvertently coloured over! I also added some paper piercing around one of the waves and the whale...as well as a couple of stitched edge frame cuts on the sides - just for the Inkspirational Challenge, but it was a nice change. I don't do much paper piercing at all!

I'm happy to play in the following challenges:-

Allsorts, Trees and Leaves

Inkspirational, Paper Piercing

Cards 4 Galz, Welcome Autumn/Fall

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Always Fun Challenge, Autumn Colours

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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

It's time for a 


We'd like to see your interpretation using hot colours, a visit to a hot country, a hot, comforting drink...and so on. LOTS of options!
We look forward to seeing your creations.
Hope you just have fun, get inky and share your art with us.
You have TWO WEEKS to enter... 
We look forward to visiting your Blogs.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the theme title was African sunsets...and knowing that I had the perfect stamp, that's exactly what I aimed for. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out as planned, lol...what's that quote? 
'The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray'?

I embossed my sun - BIG mistake! When I stamped over it - then embossed the Versafine ink again, the embossing just blended - eek! If I'd thought about it logically, I would have known that, but hindsight is a wonderful thing... 
I wasn't able to start again, so I had to think 'on my feet' and decided I had nothing to lose by trying to 'tidy it up' with my trusty black Posca pen! Fortunately, it worked - phew! 
I was even quite happy with the result, even if it was a bit of an adventure...scribbles and daubs gave me the sketchy look I was looking for, even if my inks didn't streak across the setting sun as I'd hoped they would... most of it is hidden anyway. It didn't help that I turned the card the wrong way when I started to add colour. I'd carefully positioned my sun so that the tree and the elephant would only cover a little part of it. H'mm! More haste less speed, methinks! 
I really didn't think this through before I began, but hopefully, I'll remember for next time 😊 
I used Oxides, Distress Ink (Aged Mahogany) and Archival inks in yellows, oranges and reds. It certainly looks hot...😉 and those poor elephants look absolutely exhausted!

I really hope you'll play with us in this challenge - it's a great theme and if you check out the rest of the DT's fab art, you'll see lots of different ideas sparked by it. Great inspiration! I'm always amazed by the variety of interpretations.

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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Hello there!

Thought I'd just pop in and share a few cards I made this week. The first one is the birthday card I made for my brother, who's 60 tomorrow. I took it to him yesterday because he lives at a distance, so I can show you - not that he would ever dream of looking here...
It's the second one I made, so was deliberately simple, with one of the quickest and easiest stamps I've ever used - I love it. It never fails to make me smile and it just seemed perfect for him - especially as I decided I hate the one I set out to make! Very little colouring on it, just embossing and it doesn't need anything more, unless I feel like adding to it.

I'll show you the first one I made. I do love the stamps but they just don't work together...or maybe I just didn't quite get them straight and that spoiled the effect. Whichever it is, the card will now be cut down to be used for an ordinary birthday OR I'll cut out the images again and use them somewhere else - individually. It's a shame the cupcake isn't a separate stamp - it just feels as if it should be central. Love the way they're both looking at it longingly, though and that's so typical of my brother!

This one was made after seeing Brenda's Allsorts' card last week. I loved it and loved the colours...so I had something in mind, then woke up wanting to use pink and grey - Hickory Smoke, Victorian Velvet and Spun Sugar, one of my favourite colour combos...so the card was born. I do love Lavinia stamps, with the occasional Inkylicious image - they work so well together. I stamped the ivy and shrooms in grey and in Victorian Velvet as well as black, just to add some depth and shadow. The stencil, another of my favourites, made the perfect spotlight. I also used Brilliance Moonlight White to add to the effect of the lamp and on some of the stencilling. I did rather mess up the wings, adding glitter glaze after using Posca pens - yikes - they bled with the liquid and covered the wings, so they're not as crisp as they should be. I like the way it turned out, though, with the grey edging adding a little atmosphere. I added a little bling in the form of jewels, because it seemed to need a little something in the centre.

And just for you autumn lovers, I made a leafy card...in pink and grey! I know it isn't very realistic, but I still like it. I still have a pink and grey thing going on, I'm afraid.

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