'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Well, it is here – kind of.  Here’s a card I just finished. I’ll be doing the Ribbon Blog Candy draw some time over the weekend, so keep your eyes open for it!


Thursday, 22 September 2011

The challenge over at LESS IS MORE for this week is ANYTHING GOES.  They’re trying to reach 1000 entries, so I thought I’d have a quick go.  Here’s my very simple offering.

The colours aren’t quite true and are lighter than they look, but I find it really difficult to get a good image of a card with lots of white space. The lines were dry embossed, then drawn with a matching Tombow pen, which is actually rust coloured.  Hey ho! No time for fiddling with colour in Photoshop right now :-)  It’s slightly textured because it’s stamped on linen card, but I like that effect.
See you soon!

Monday, 19 September 2011


Saturday, 17 September 2011

The challenge over at Just for Fun is Shades of Green and here’s my entry. (Just noticed it’s not very straight – duh!  Will have to put that right….. what am I like?)
shades of green
Don’t forget, there’s still time to be entered for the Ribbon, brads and buttons blog candy – just leave a comment in the post below this one and mention the Giveaway and your name will be entered.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Just finished a card I really enjoyed making. Although I started with some ink on the background, most of the colour has been added with Prismacolor pencils and it’s a combination of some of my favourite colours (as you can probably tell from the number of times I use them, lol).
mag flutterby
The challenge over at Daring Cardmakers this week is Flutterbies, so this WAS my entry but I’ve just been told I missed the fact that it was supposed to be pink and green - oops. My apologies, DCM – it really was an oversight and I’ve removed the title!
[PS Here’s a giggle for you.  I made this card with someone in mind and when I went to stamp the inside, I noticed I’d put the front on the WRONG WAY – duh!  The fold was at the right hand side.  Could’ve done with one of those ‘you know you’re getting old when opening a card isn’t as easy as it used to be…’ stamps, he, he.]

I don’t often use ribbons these days but the other day, I decided to sort them all out – it’s taken me THREE DAYS!  I have more ribbon than anyone could ever use in a lifetime, SO….. I’ve decided to do a GIVEAWAY!!!!
I have THREE BIG EVELOPES stuffed with ribbons, trims and all kinds and I’ll send them to three random people who leave me a comment on THIS POST before 18th of September.   There are some half and almost full rolls (most of which I’ve now shared between the bags, tho’ there are still a couple of rolls in each) and along with all the lengths you may find fibres and/or lace, along with grosgrain, satin and organza.
The DOWNSIDE is that you will probably have to unravel some of it and the bags contain a very mixed selection of sizes, colours and widths, not to mention materials.
The UPSIDE is that I’m still ‘destashing’ so I’ll be adding buttons, brads and maybe a few other things to the envelopes as the week progresses. If I don’t manage to get it all done, then I’ll do another giveaway soon because I really do NOT need all this stash I have now that I no longer run workshops or do classes!!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Before I start YET ANOTHER major clear up in my stamping room, I thought I’d have a bit of background fun.  Yesterday, I stamped some of my newer images and cut them out, ready to use – this was the one I chose for today.  (Click to enlarge)

Here’s a close up of the words.
I was thinking of nostalgia (TMTATC) but it isn’t an ATC, so I can’t use it for that challenge :-)  But I did use eyelets, so can enter it for the Inkurable Stampers September challenge and there are lots of WORDS (as were the previous two posts but I forgot!) so I’m entering it into Just for Fun’s Words challenge.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Part 2 of yesterday’s production – still in progress, I might add, lol.
Three of them are stamped on glossy card or paper.

Once again, I photographed the inside so that you could see the colours.  This was the image I got on glossy card, using what was left on the stamp after the first stamping on the last post.  It’s very subtle but really pretty.

<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
This one’s my favourite and it’s only a little scrapling.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Played with one layer cards today, keeping colours simple with one image and a saying or verse. As you can see, the results were mixed :-) I started with Kraft card, which I’ve always loved.

Then I added a bit of colour…
and a bit more…  This hasn’t scanned well, so I photographed the centre bit to show the colours. If you click it to enlarge, you’ll get a better idea of the colours, for which I used Tombow felt tips.
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
I made a couple more on glossy card, but I’ll post those tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Having withdrawal symptoms from stamping but have to concentrate on other things right now.  I did make some more soaps, though, to try out the last set of moulds I got – aren’t they fab? They’re quite intricate and a real pleasure to unmould.
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>


<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
<KENOX S1050  / Samsung S1050>
Should’ve put something in for size reference cos the bigger ones are quite big – the square flutterby is about 6cm (2.5” in old money), which will give you an idea of the size. I used English Rose essential oil in these and they smell scrummy. If they were a little smaller, I may have considered having a go with UTEE but they’re a bit big for that – the smaller ones may work, though…. h’mm…