'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Need to get some Thank you cards done so thought I’d have a quick go at one with the new (to me) stamp Mum sent me from New Zealand, using the design she showed us when she was here in August.

thank you

Unfortunately, the stamp’s damaged – compressed cushioning – so I’m going to have to take it off the wood and remount it on EZ but I do love it :)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Jill from the Stampman is asking all participants in the Blog hop to post their favourite projects of the year on their blogs and to link to it. I thought this would be really easy but when I look back, I can only see faults in everything I did, lol :( So, I’ve decided to post the ones I enjoyed making the most and here they are.

4x4 standing another view

4x4 front tied

6x6 standing open

oriental open

This was a great book to make and was done for a class at Stamp Club – might just have to make some more, now I’ve seen them again. The front cover of the top one was made using one of ‘Hermine’s Choice’ and is a lot of fun to do.


silly fun

This one’s a bit big – about 61/2 inches square big – but it was fun to do :)

Monday, 28 December 2009

strange trip

What a great way to spend a couple of hours, lol :)

I was reading one of my stamped ‘index’ sheets (not filed, not finished and definitely ROUGH) and giggling at some of the sayings when I decided to stamp something ‘just for fun’! So here they are...

I’ve used Lime Green – a colour I’m really NOT a big fan of, though I know it goes so well with other colours – so I’ve decided to enter this for Lots to Do, Theme Thursday and Mixed Media Monday…

fun stamping1

any better

For a bit more fun, I added some shading and highlighting cos I wanted to see if there was a lot of difference if I had the images together, to compare… so here they are.

You can't see it in the scan but there's a lot of gold on this ATC - the words are randomly stamped in gold (looks good when turned under the lights) and there's gold around the edges (you can see the haze, vaguely) and elsewhere. It really lifts it.

fun stamping 2 goddess

I really love this image (sent to me years ago by Mel) and am always searching for reasons to use her… isn’t she great?

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Just wanted to wish you all a Christmas filled with blessing :)  Enjoy!


11pm231209re 11pm2312092 re

This was 11pm last night when we’d had a couple of inches of snow, with more to follow.

Sadly, by this morning it was starting to thaw, so we won’t have a REAL white Christmas after all. The side roads and pavements are treacherous, though. For some reason they don’t seem to be gritting the roads as much as they usually do – NOT a good idea when we have a deep freeze like this one!

window sill bird

garage roof girlie

birdhouse bird

tree pot girlie

This is what awaits me when I open the back door – all clucking away, saying they’re desperate for food! One day that garage window sill is going to drop off but you can’t tell some men, can you?

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tuesday Taggers and Created by Hand Challenges are Snow and Snowflakes, whilst Crazy Amigo’s Challenge is Winter and Mixed Media Monday's Challenge is Frosty, so here are three entries. The snowflakes on the tag card are punched Shrink plastic and the snow is Appliqué.



Sneak peek at some co-ordinated pressies I made for someone…

lynnes book  back of lynnes book

Pressie I received from Lynne – isn’t it fab?  Front and back…  NOT a Christmas pressie, I must point out – they’re still waiting.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Far from perfect, but that's me finished with Christmas cards for this year… terrible, isn't it? Only been doing Christmas for a couple of weeks. Dunno how you guys who do it all year round cope - aaghh! I can't wait to put my Christmas stamps away.

mandjopeningmandj erased

mandjopenedout2 erased


mandjtriptychclosed mandjtriptych1

(name of recipient blanked out, lol)

mandjtriptychopen name erased

mandjtriptychtag triptych2closed

Did you know that if you heat organza ribbon, this is what happens? You need to be very careful, but it curls as it melts and looks really cool :)


This one’s blue and pink, but it’s difficult to see the colours cos it was dark when I took the photo…




Tuesday, 15 December 2009


This is a repeat of one I did last year, when I did a lot of black and white and really enjoyed it. The Santa image (Tim Holtz) is embossed with a CB folder, which gives it loads of texture :)

Monday, 14 December 2009

First of all I must say a big THANK YOU to Hermine for the lovely card which arrived this morning – 4 days from Holland, including weekend and at one of the busiest times of year – great going for the mail in both countries!

from Hermine

I think it’s Bleached Ecoline paper underneath, but I could be wrong.  LOVE those stars again but just love the way the whole thing comes together :)

bleach 2 bleach 1

These two are bleached.

angel 2  lumiere 1

Glimmer Mists, Opalite reinkers on black and Lumières.

 santa 2 snowy2

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Got a great card from a friend and had to try to emulate it.  My attempt is nowhere near as hers but I still like it and here it is :)

janet w imit

I’m sure it will look very different when there’s an image on it :)  Not sure why the edges look so white cos I’m sure I inked them with Old Paper and Antique Linen – or maybe I did that after the photo????  Who knows?  Head’s so full of things today I don’t know what I’m doing, lol – yeah, I know.  What’s new?  I DID have two to photograph but somehow seem to have lost one… it will follow, hopefully as a completed card :)

Original image… by Janet Wilson – isn’t it fab?

janet w

Phew, been on a card making marathon (in between sore thumbs and not being able to do a thing) – all very simple but at least they’re almost finished – just need to stamp the insides now, then they can go in the mail. Photos not brilliant, so I’ve taken some odd angles :)

simple 1simple 2simple 3

simple 4

My friend, Gill, sent me a card using Brown and cream only and because I really liked it, I decided I’d use that colour scheme myself, for a change :)

I’ve made more than one of each – well, of most of them. I can see one that I didn’t repeat and am wondering why not because it’s one of my favourite stamps. I’ve made a few others, too and still have more to make, despite downsizing my list...

I’ve also been making gifts but not sure if I dare to upload before Christmas. We’ll see how it goes when I’ve done a few more.