'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Good morning!
I'm making a lot of tall, slimmer cards at the moment, and really enjoying the format. It helps that there are more tall, slim stamps available 😁 and just tall stamps in general. I'll have to make a tall, slim journal, I think...

I love these Studio Light images, so easy to use and so much fun to make. This is another of those that the scanner doesn't pick up colour on. It seems to struggle to differentiate between blue/turquoise/green and it can be VERY frustrating...😖 I made these a little wider, just to give more room to add background images and a bit of doodling. I've been playing a lot with blues and greens, such refreshing colours.


This one's an old Paperartsy stamp I often pull out to play with.

And, for a change, some flowers on another of my Ecoline backgrounds... I did add lots of Prisma and other bits of colour, though and more b/g stamping. 

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Monday, 27 July 2020

Good evening 😀
How are  you? I hope all is well where you are, despite all the sad news we're bombarded with.
I'm back again... I'm just going to plough through some of the stuff I've been making over the last few weeks or so.

We had a music mingle on KCUK, and this was the card I was thinking of using. I had intended doing a concertina type arched booklet, but got to wondering if this would work as a folded card - and it did - but thinner dies don't cut through thicker card well, so it isn't something I'll be doing often. I sent it as a birthday card.

This was for the last mingle in June, which was 'I'll drink to that' - or similar. It's a variation of another I made, which was very socially distanced...this one has the cake, so it's a bit more interesting if you like cake - which I'm not keen on 😉
I made this one yesterday. I'd already made the background, with my VI stencil and thought it would go perfectly with the Katzelcraft 'Zoisos'. She looks as if she's well and truly 'gobsmacked' as we would say... as if life's been absolutely crazy...sound familiar?
I'm ashamed to say I've had those words for over 15 years and never used them once 😞
In my defence, I just didn't seem to have the right images and although I even bought a (cheap) roller coaster die to go with them, I didn't really like it... but I LOVE the words! I loved most of the Inkadinkado 'children's' words but this one made me giggle. They're not easy to cut up because of the way they're written, so I decided to use artistic licence and just go with it.

This one I made just for fun... and, again, I love the words 😊
And this is the Music Mingle I did use... sorry I have to post a few photos to show it as it is...
I can't remember what the folded card is called... I saw one on a friend's blog - though hers was better, with a little concertina on it - then just happened across a video and thought I'd try it out. So that's why I used it for the mingle. This is the front.

This is how it looks half folded...

...and lying flat.
It wasn't easy to get the colours accurate, so the top two are photos. The scan dulls the colours, which is a shame. It was fun to make, though looking at it I'm annoyed I didn't plan it better before jumping in ...It was my prototype really, and I already have ideas for next time 😊

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(In my case, that's playing around with colour 😁)

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Sunday, 19 July 2020

My goodness! When I looked at how long it is since I last blogged, I was horrified. It's not as if I'm not being creative - I am - but I just haven't blogged. I've had some days where I wasn't able to but for now, I can and so I will share a few bits I've been making.

Unusually, I haven't used flowers for a while, until this morning... when I used a very simple design for this Sympathy card. They're never a joy to make and always a challenge because I like to keep them very CAS.

I seem to have an awful lot of WIPs hanging around, so I'll probably end up completing a large number all on the same day or two. I've been painting and background creating, which is always lots of fun. 
I made this for my (7 year old) granddaughter - if she ever gets it 😊 
I had so much fun making the background and trying to create a magical effect with interference acrylic paints and inks, with touches of sparkle. 
Always difficult to capture on camera, though...


Neet shamed me (by showing a pic of some images she was working on) into getting out these stampsI had had for a ridiculously long time but never used... do I used one of my super duper long (approx 9") tag dies and created a background for these two I had coloured in readiness.
and this one I also decided I MUST use.

I love these girls, but their eyes are so SAD! I actually altered her lips and eyes slightly on the one above, which added a little life, but I really felt their sad expressions getting to me and it's put me off them.
So I thought I'd finish with a little bit of whimsy. Someone called these girls cute - I don't think they are. They're plain weird, with their flower eyes...in fact, they remind me of the Borg (old Star Trek fan) and that's probably what drew me to them! But they are cute in some ways, I know...I think it's the accompanying words I love, and the fact that they go so well with the images, although I know they could go with anything. I love this background. These are definitely 'feel good' colours for me.
 I have lots more to show you but I think this is enough for now. I need to get my baby brother's birthday card finished and in the post today...he's in NZ, so it has a long way to go!

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