Saturday, 20 February 2010

One of my recent Blog Candy winners was the very talented and lovely Martina, from Germany.  Today, the postie woke me with a surprise box of fab artwork from her – wow!  Some great Zettiology for you to see AND a gorgeous card.  Photos don’t show how good they really are and the ‘Alien’ is in a photo frame, so doesn’t photograph brilliantly.  Thank you VERY much, Martina.

martina card zetti 1

 zetti 2

zetti 3 

zetti alien

This is the Alien – sorry I had to tilt it to get a good photo.  If you click to enlarge, you’ll see the amount of work and detail in this – amazing!!  Wish I understood the German, though :(

9 very much appreciated comments:

Martina2801 said...

Dear Cath,
you are so sweet!
It makes me very happy when I met your taste and I could make you a little joy.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Debby said...

WOW!! These are amazing!

kjjc said...

wow. Some gorgeous work there. Lucky you Cath

Tinkertaylor said...

These are gorgeous what a talented lady

Sandra Hall said...

Absolutely Fabulous!

cockney blonde said...

Lovely work Cath, aren't you lucky. Thanks for sharing, x

froebelsternchen Susi said...

great gifts from talented Martina!
congrats to you!

Lottie said...

These have changed my view if zettiology - I thought they were all black and white adn wierd - but it just shows you how narrow minded one can get if one doesn't really look around - because these are beautiful - stunning - and I would love to have a go at them

stampdiva said...

No wonder you were delighted Cath and this is so your style. All the work in the backgrounds - to really appreciate them I am sure you need to see them IRL. Lynne x