'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I've just finished my Men ATCs for another swap so I thought I'd upload them. I used Adirondack Brights on them, applying with Baby wipes. Sadly, the black isn't very black - I think it's cos I didn't wait long enough for the card to dry before stamping, so the next time I did one I made sure to heat set it. How else do we learn?

The postmen are on strike again tomorrow and all sorting offices will be closed. Then on Saturday, there won't be any deliveries and only one pick up during the day, so it's definitely going to affect us this time and this is the first of a two week period of planned disruptive action. I feel sorry for posties, though - most of them are on temporary contracts, with no benefits, which is ludicrous in this day and age. I love receiving mail - don't know how anyone else feels - and from my own experience over the last six or seven years of running a Mail order business, I haven't been disappointed very often and very few parcels have actually gone astray. I'll really miss getting mail myself and it will, of course, affect my business, now that it's mainly Mail order based.

My experience of Royal Mail themselves is somewhat different - I've placed postage stamp orders online, received confirmation of the orders, which are supposed to arrive by Special Delivery, then the stamps haven't arrived. After ringing, I was told they had never been ordered as there was a problem with the website, then two days later, half of the order was sent out to me, with a delivery charge due to ordering less than the minimum for free delivery - even though I'd ordered around 6 times the minimum amount! I was, of course, billed twice and had great difficulty getting a refund. That's happened to me twice, not just once, so I've given up on their online shop!! I'd rather support my local Post Office anyway.... so many of them are being closed down and it really does make life difficult for locals, so I'd rather them have my business.

I've been playing with inks for the Inky Backgrounds swap, too, so I'll upload those, later, hopefully with the cards made from the backgrounds. That's if I ever get my Saturday workshop samples done - no, I've still not finished - but what's new?

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