Tuesday, 29 July 2008

26 pages and covers - top view
View of binding
Front of completed book

My Yahoo group (Katy's Corner UK) recently did a 'Chunky Fat book' swap, which was supposed to be completed in April, initially, then the deadline was extended to May....... guess who didn't do her pages until last week and then had to do the covers, the binding and the punching, too? I think I have an excuse this time, though, rather than just work.

There's some absolutely fab artwork in them and each one is a real treasure, so it was a pleasure to do, eventually, but LOONG! I hope all the swappers are pleased with the finished results. It took most of Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday to share out the pages, punch them all, make the covers and then bind them. I sponged all the covers on Sunday, while sitting in the sun, stamped them, then carried on with the punching and binding, which was finally finished at 2.30 yesterday afternoon (Monday). I love those Brilliance ink colours when they're sponged - they glide on so easily and smoothly and look stunning with their pearlescent finish. I prefer to use reinkers so that I get more colour saturation. I actually stamped, cut out and glittered the acetate Butterfly girl in April or May, so they've been waiting a long time for their new homes and I bet half of them have fallen off before they arrive.

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