'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Had a great evening.  My son – the little one (family joke cos he’s the tall one, really but younger) was in Barcelona to see U2 and he was so excited, he kept sending me texts while waiting outside the stadium, then when inside.  Just before Snow Patrol came on stage he sent me a last text to say be ready to get the phone because he wouldn’t say anything.  Then at 10.00, he rang and left his phone on, so I could hear the first four songs!  Wonderful – sadly, he cut me off because he was afraid of dropping his phone but I’ll forgive him.  Just hope he got back to the hotel safely cos he rang me later and the police shut the Tube station while he was speaking to me, leaving them a few miles from their hotel and not sure where they were!  Have to remember he’s a big boy, now….  Not long till August and the  Sheffield Concert!

3 very kind comments from lovely people:

Carol Q said...

ROFL - I can really emphathise with that Cath - when I went to see the Killers, I rang my son when Mr Brightside was on so that he could hear it down the phone!

Artyjen said...

How fab...it wasn't anything to do with the concert I don't think as believe it or not the tube in Barcelona shuts down around 11.00p.m. usually!! No....I did not believe it either when I was there 2 years ago.

lottie said...

Isn't it just wonderful when a son thinks of you at such a time. It never fails to make my heart jump when they share a special time.