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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I’m hosting a ‘Colour’ swap on KCUK and here are my contributions.

roc atc 13 roc atc 14

roc atc 17 roc atc 18

roc atc 8

roc atc 16

I made a lot more of these, but these are the subtle ones… I was using up the Colour backgrounds I made during the power cut but I still have a lot of backgrounds left, so I’ll be sick of these bright colours by the time I’ve finished. With the exception of the first one (the pear) which was masked and the words stamped afterwards, these are made with collage stamps – I have a few GINORMOUS ones so I used parts of them and they were very quick and easy.

Here’s one I salvaged – I had an accident with some correction fluid, which I thought was a pen (because I didn’t pay close attention) and ended up tipping some of it onto the ATC. So, I wiped it off and covered with a vellum overlay. Late last night, I started scribbling on it but I wish I hadn’t – me and my faffing! The vellum worked well until then!!!!

roc vellum overlay

3 very kind comments from lovely people:

Unknown said...

I wondered how you layered all those amazing stamps

Lost for words - they are all stunning.

Unknown said...

They are all beautiful - fabulous colours!

Sally H said...

Beautiful! I really love them all, but the first three are my faves. I must have a go!