'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 23 December 2011

Just taking the opportunity to wish you all a very special and Happy Christmas! 
bw non christmas 3
I’m afraid this isn’t a new card – it’s from a couple of years ago - but I’ve had flu and been out of action for a whole WEEK!  Eeek! That’s never happened to me  before and it seriously interfered with all my Christmas plans. 
If you didn’t receive a card from me, please accept my apologies, but the cards ran out long before the names on the list did this year.
Thanks to all of you who take the time to visit and to leave a comment – they’re all very much appreciated.
Cath xxx

17 very kind comments from lovely people:

Sandy said...

Oh Cath this is wonderful.
Amazing card.

I wish you and your family a Happy Christmas and a wonderful christmas eve.

Thanks for all your lovely comments to my work. xoxo

hazel said...

It's a beautiful card Cath and I hope you are feeling better now.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
xxx Hazel.

Helen said...

Well, it's beautiful anyway! Hope you are now well and ready (ish!) for Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Zoechaos said...

Get well wishes Christmas will happen either way and all that really matters is that you enjoy it. Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you for all the support, inspiration, and encouragement XOXO Zoe

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Be it old or new it doesn't detract from being a beautiful card.
Sending you get well wishes and also warmest wishes for the season.
Lynne x

Ann B said...

Thanks for the good wishes Cath.
Flu in the run up to Christmas must have been a big pain, you deserve a rest now and a few treats. Hope you have a brilliant Christmas and wishing you a Happy and Peaceful New Year.
Ann B

sam21ski said...

Great card Cath even if it is a couple of years old.

Hope you start to feel better soon and are able to enjoy your christmas.

Sam xxx

Von said...

Oh you poor thing Cath hopr your well on the road to recovery now :)
Take it easy and enjoy Christmas and thank you for sharing such a a delightful card with us all
Hugs Von xxx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for The New Year. Love your card. Hope you feel better soon. Tracy x

Carol Q said...

still a gorgeous card Cath. hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Jolette said...

Beautiful card!
I hope you feel better now...
I wish you a wonderful Christmas!!!

JoZart Designs said...

Thanks so much for my card which has just arrived. The one on your blog is so lovely too but that little angel needs to get cracking and help you get well for Christmas. Hope you do!
Love Jo x

G Peplow said...

Hi Cath, I so sorry to hear that you've been unwell, gosh for a week too, now that would seriously interfere with Christmas poor you! I hope you recover quickly and have a Happy Christmas and a peacful New Year, Gay xxx

p.s Another fabulous card:0)love it xx

Sherry said...

Wishing you a very speedy recovery Cath and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year xx

Chris said...

Lovely card, Cath. Beautiful colours and image.

Hope you are feeling better now. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas.
Chris x

Jeany said...

…………*./ | \ .*
………, • '*♥* ' • ,
……. '*• ♫♫♫•*'
….. ' *, • '♫ ' • ,* '
….' * • ♫*♥*♫• * '
… * , • Feliz' • , * '
…* ' •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • ' * '
' ' • . Navidad . • ' ' '
' ' • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ' '

Kerry Christmas Cath, wishes you Janine

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Such a wonderful card. Hope you enjoyed the Christmas days.