'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Yoohoo! I’m back and have been for ten days, but to be honest, I just haven’t wanted to stamp too much at all.  It hasn’t been very sunny here in the North West, so I can’t even blame the Summer but I seem to have had lots of long phone calls, lots of appointments, birthdays and other things, not to mention a feeling of loss, having left my favourite country again and my most precious friend!   Anyway, today I stamped, albeit very briefly :-)

It’s a very simple black and white card but I like this stamp a lot and I always like to work in simple black and white until I’m in the mood for playing again – it seems to kickstart my creative juices, somehow.

thanks amy

I found a few cards I hadn’t blogged before I left, so I’ll be uploading those in the next few days and I have two journal pages to do ASAP for August – I’m behind again in the mingle we’re doing – oops!  I’ll need to do my September pages, then, so I really, really NEED to stamp…

I had a wonderful time with my friends in the fantastic French countryside, which I have grown to love so much. Cathy and I did some visiting and travelling around this time, which was fun and I got to see all the family again. 

But there were also a couple of mishaps.  The biggie was that I lost my camera on the Metro – and two lenses - one of which was a very expensive zoom/macro lens, so I spent a day in tears, but hey ho – it could have been much worse?  It did rather spoil my day in Paris, though.

The camera was an old one and although precious to me, for various reasons, wouldn’t be to others – I really loved it and have had some great times with it, but it’s the lens I’m going to miss the most… no more birding or countryside photos until I can save up for a new one and that won’t be until I’m working again.  Then, by the time I’m paid, Christmas will be almost here and my new Granddaughter will have arrived (God willing), so it will have to wait until the New Year at the earliest!

Anyway, here’s another card I made just before I left, when messing around with scraps of vellum.


I’ll be round to visit my regulars as soon as I get more time.

Have a great day!


18 very kind comments from lovely people:

Deborah said...

Glad you enjoyed your French sojourn (apart from losing the precious camera and lens). Black and white and simple is always elegant - and I love your vellum card.

Artyjen said...

Black and white is always a winner ;)
Glad you had a good time..sorry about the loss of camera equipment! If it is of any use to you I have a Cannon macro lens I'd be willing to let you have.
xoxo Sioux

Brenda Brown said...

What a bind to have lost your lens and camera, I hope you can get new ones soon, but you certainly seem to have enjoyed yourself otherwise.
Love these cards and looking forward to more of your fab work over the next few weeks.
hugs {brenda} xox

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your French trip. It's a pitty that you have lost your camera and lens. Your cards are so fabulous, the black and white but specially the vellum card. Wonderful sentiment. Love it.
Lovely greet Marja

Von said...

I'll second all that you say Deb :)
Welcome home Cath :)
Von ♥

Sandy said...

Welcome back my dear Cath,

Your cards are wonderful.
Amazing stamping and design.
Love them both.

Have a fantastic weekend my friend.

Paul B said...

I know what you mean about missing France. I feel the same way when I return. If I could eat Fruit de Mer over here, I wouldn't miss it quite so much. Even to find decently priced oysters. We can buy them in boxes over there. We'd need to remortgage the house to do that here haha. And OH NO!!!!! Your camera!!!!! It'd have me distressed and mine doesn't even have sentimental value. Great cards btw, both styles are gorgeous. Could do with finding my mojo, it's temporarily up and gone. Maybe a rest is what is needed. :) Looking forward to seeing more creations once you've settled. Pxxxxxx

Gery said...

Hi Cath, lovely to see you coming by again.
Such a shame of your camera and lenses :-((( I can imagine that you had to cry. One can get attached to a camera and a camera and the one who holds it realy should be one.
By that love you get the most beautiful pictures out of it.
And with your lenses it is the same story and often they are the most expensive part and it is an extra, kind of present to yourself and your camera. Yes you can do without , but making pictures won't be the same.
Love your very elegant black and white card.
Love to you, Gery

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back. Love simply and both cards are gorgeous

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Both cards are wonderful.

Carol Q said...

aw Cath - I can feel your pain at losing your camera and lens. what an absolute pain in the bum.
love your simple card. I keep looking at that agapanthus stamp. I need to get it I think. lovely background on your other card and I do like the way you attached the vellum.

Karen said...

Wonderful to hear from you Cath, so sorry to hear about your camera and lens. Both cards are gorgeous, I'll have to try the B&W techique as it's a colour scheme I rarely use hugs Karen

flutterbycrafter said...

Sorry to hear you've lost your camera etc., that's terrible I can understand you feel lost without them and so costly to replace. Two gorgeous cards though xx

Femmy said...


froebelsternchen said...

wonderful cards ! Great that you are here again! I am sorry that you lost your camera and lenses.. bad!

xxx Susi

Marjie Kemper said...

So glad to see a new post... missed your creative self! Sorry to hear about the camera and lens... what a damper that must've put on the trip. Your makes are lovely below. Good luck re-settling in.

Linda said...

Sorry to hear about your lost camera and lenses, but nice to hear you had such a good time in the french.
Beautiful cards, both the black and white and the colorful one.

Anke said...

Oh Cath your cards are beautiful.