'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, 17 June 2013

Thanks to all those of you who’ve still been following my inactive blog – so sorry for being absent but it’s been a strange few months.  I expected to have lots of time to myself but it just hasn’t happened and in fact, I have far less time than I had before I moved out!  The time is filled mainly with good things, though. 

Been trying to catch up and make a few cards for birthdays and other things I’ve missed while out of action and have also done a little journalling but not sure I’m ready to show that yet.



(sooooo not me that last one?)


There‘s some pale shadow stamping on this one but for some reason it hasn’t scanned at all. Maybe I’ll rescan…

This was for a one layer card challenge – sadly, I may just have to cut off the front and mount it because I think it needs more definition and something to frame it – or maybe I’ll go with it  because I NEED cards desperately – I’m WAY behind.


Here’s another one I may well remount, although I love the delicate feel of it as it is.  The gorgeous colours are Tombow pens – beautiful.


I’ve kept some back and will post ASAP, though I’m out most of tomorrow.


Really missed my bloghopping time but will do some more this week, all being well.




5 very kind comments from lovely people:

Von said...

Lovely to see you back Cath :) with such delicate flower cards.
Be happy
Von ♥

Paul Browning said...

Wonderful array of cards Cath. Glad to see you back in the world of blogland :) Journalling is a great way to relax, meditate and get all the rubbish out of your head and onto paper. Perhaps it's better not to blog them as it frees you up to put whatever you wish into them. And I know what you mean about being behind on cards. I haven't made any in an age and i'm resorting to shop bought (horror!). Take care. Hugs. Paul xxxxx

Viv's Visuals said...

terrific set of cards Cath - great to see you back.

Ephemera said...

Beautiful and stylish makes, your cards are always gorgeous, the colours on the last are exquisite. XX

Janny Jager 't Hooft said...

Beautiful cards Cath

Greetings Janny