'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 23 July 2010

Spent this afternoon making some Fairy ATCs for a KCUK swap, so here they are.

Have to say I didn’t really enjoy making these and wish I’d used one of my favourite winged girl stamps instead but they’re done now and it’s a change for me. 
The backgrounds were made with Distress inks - Stormy Sky, Tumbled Glass and Chipped Sapphire (one has some Spun Sugar and Bundled Sage on it, too cos I decided to make some 4x4 backgrounds for the KCUK alphabet swap while there).  I added castles, water, clouds and grass to the first two and used a meadow stamp on the others (Pine Needles and Tombow pens) then stamped and embossed the fairies.  I stamped and embossed them again on vellum, using ultra fine silver ep, coloured them with Copics, then cut out the wings, glued them to the original stamped images and glitter glazed them.  The words were stamped on vellum, then cut out roughly and I drew around them with a black pen. I added white highlights on the castles, too.  I don’t remember using Stormy Sky before, even though I’ve had it since Port Sunny in May, but I’ve definitely fallen in love with it ;)  I love blue.
This afternoon, we actually had some sunshine for the first time in a few weeks (apart from the odd little peep from behind the clouds) so I photographed these in the garden.  As soon as I arrived, my favourite little robin baby (we have four or five visiting regularly at the moment) popped up to say hello, so I got some food to feed him/her with and took a couple of photos while I had the camera with me. 
This one’s really bold and flies over, really close as soon as he/she sees me, then comes to feed at my feet.  The others are a lot more timid.
robin 2
cheeky robin
Isn’t he/she gorgeous?
Wonder how much longer we’ll get to enjoy them before their Dad sends them packing?  Male robins are so territorial and quite nasty, even to their own offspring.
Thank you VERY MUCH to all those of you who left a comment asking to be considered for the Blog Candy.  I know I should be announcing the winner but I still haven’t made a decision on it, though I do have a shortlist and will have to resort to asking John to draw a name later tonight.  Watch this space!

19 very kind comments from lovely people:

Dotpat said...

Love your ATC's Cath and love your photo's of your little robin. You take some great photo's

Helen said...

The ATC's are gorgeous! Such a sweet little robin, too.

Lottie said...

These ATCs are so very feminine- I love the soft colours, gorgeous.

And your cute birdie pictures are the best!

We have had non stop sunshine -but hopefully due a little rain over the weekend fingers crossed

June said...

Ohhh i love the little robin, how lovely to have them and to have one so brave as to spend time with you. Your atc's are lovely and i do love the backgrounds you created on them all
Hugs June xxxx

Sarah A said...

Those ATC's are gorgeous, love the subtle colours on them. I really must get into making ATC's again, I miss doing them but never find time for some reason!

Love the cheeky robin, in fact I love robin's as they remind me of my Grandma who used to have a daily visit from one on her balcony, you could almost feed him out of your hand.

Sarah x

JoZart said...

Despite the lack of enjoyment your skills show through on the ATCs! The little robins are so sweet and probably the newbie has no fear yet, especially for you!
Maybe it will endure... let's hope so!
Jo x

Tracy Evans said...

How sweet is that little robin, and so brave coming in so close. Love your ATC's they work beautifully with the sentiment. Tracy Evans x

Sid said...

Fab set of ATC's and the widlife is stunning !!

Sarah Anderson said...

What gorgeous ATCs Cath, a great way to spend the afternoon :) I'm teaching a journal workshop at Paddy's on Fri and Sat next week if you can make it. Would love it if you could xx

Sally H said...

Gorgeous ATCs. That baby robin is so lovely. I think they are quite brave and curious at that age. I remember one a few years ago would come within a foot of me to see what I was doing - far more intelligent than pigeons!

Leah the Orange said...

oooh, Cath! i think the ATCs turned out LOVELY! would love to see those wings up close!

and your little robin friend is a little sweetheart!

Larisa said...

I am really charmed with these ATC!!! They are cute! Would you like to swap with me? I love the first ATC a lot! What would you say? Please........
Hugs. Larisa. xxx

Martina2801 said...

Your ATC`s are gorgeous, Cath!

And the little bird is so cute!

Zoechaos said...

Love your fairy atcs they have a lovely delicate feel, stormy sky has become my go to blue it is just such a great colour.

Baby Robin is adorable, magical how friendly your little chap has become. With 3 young hunters birds are not encouraged into this garden but used to delight in the robins more than any other bird. xx Zoe

WaldfrauAlexa said...

wow, those ATCs are very beautiful. I love fairies and the colours you used are specially !!!
The pics from the robbin are great.
For me, the nature gives the greatest motives.

sam21ski said...

Lovely set Cath. Fairies aren't my strong point either, but you've done a fab job with these.

Great photo's too, fab hot you can get up so close and not scare him/her away.

Lesley said...

Lovely ATCs. I really like those stamps!

Gorgeous little robin. I just love them hopping around the garden. I have one that is at my side immediately I go out and start tidying the garden. He sits within reach scooping up any insects I disturb. Adorable.

Lesley x

Anonymous said...

the ATC's arent your usual style and I can get how it can feel a bit wrong when you do something out of your comfort zone.
Loving the bird photos!

Anne Jagger said...

OOOOOO I love those ATCs Cath X