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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, 12 July 2010

I have a few things ‘on’ at the moment so before I do any challenges (which I’m aching to do, lol) I decided to get those other things out of the way first.  This is the first – my second recipe page for a KCUK swap.  I was only supposed to do one recipe so this was a bit of a wild card because some of the others are late in arriving and I thought I’d surprise those taking part in the swap.  I have another one coloured and cut, too but not sure I’ll get around to stamping it, so may leave it out.   It was a bit of a disaster because one of the Glimmer Mists I was using to paint the pages fell over (of its own accord, of course ;)) so I mopped it up with all the recipe cards.  Looked REALLY good BUT it was gold and some of it obscured the text – not good if you want to read it, he, he:)

Then, since it was a Thai recipe, I hunted for Thai stamps, only to find that I’ve given away the only ones I had which would have been suitable, so I had to go with Plan B and think outside the box.  No decoration on the front – it’s bright enough, lol – but it’s taken me AGES to do the back because I stamped the image with Versamark first, added Moon Dust in several colours (to show the straw and the drops of perspiration - not mine, the perspiration of the chicken on the left) then stamped it again on white card, cutting it out then colouring with Copics. I WAS going to colour the book but after all those hours and becoming totally disenchanted with bleeding Copics and severed limbs which came off when applying the Glue Stick.  (I mean bleeding Copics in the literal sense, of course – see the chicken on the book cover, to see what I mean and this is one of the simpler ones, which didn't bleed as much.  Those who know me well know I really wouldn’t use a word like that – probably one stronger, I have to admit!)  I’ve decided that the only really good thing about Glue sticks is that you can move the image around to get it in perfect position before it dries – other than that, I really don’t like 'em very much at all, other than for covering book covers! I won't have my usual 'Glue stick' rant here - I'll save it for another time, but I really would only ever recommend TOMBOW glue sticks for craft work.  All the others dry up, clog up and leave horrible lumps!   It gets on your fingers, then transfers to the images and then there are the bits all over the pages – yuk - and I applied the glue on an old Yellow Pages, best use for it cos you can turn the page after each application and have a clean surface to work on!  I was SO glad to get back to my ATG gun when I attached the recipes to the backs!  I have to say that I did lots of giggling when colouring with the Copics cos the expressions on the faces of the two outside chickens really tickles me, they look terrified!  So here we have yet ANOTHER chicken recipe.

Here's the actual recipe and this really IS one of my favourites of the moment, though I sometimes have salmon with it instead of chicken.  It really is worth a try if you like sweet, hot and fruity.  If anyone would like a text version, just contact me and I'll be happy to pass it on.  I also need to amend the one I uploaded earlier – I’ve tried it out and changed it from experience!
Cath Thai salad recipe
The flipside (upside down so that it’s the right way up when bound).
Cath Thai Salad recipe 2
Must admit, I do like those chickens :D

8 very much appreciated comments:

JoZart said...

Can't wait to try that one! Glad I'll have it in my book!

Sid said...

Love the chicken image too !!

cockney blonde said...

Love the chickens and I've had a good giggle at your tale of 'techniques'!!! splutter! cough! I needed a laugh.....
However I'm very surprised you created such a mess as you are known for your neatness, non transferrable inky fingers, planned backgrounds........need I go on, lol, x

Lottie said...

Oh my goodness you do put yourself though it don't you.

I just totally, utterly, and absolutely love the chickens.

fantastic recipe page - truly amazing. I will know 'how' to make a lavish one next time I join in.

Paul B said...

Sweet, hot and fruity? That's what I seek in a man, not a meal haha! Love those chickens. No wonder you were laughing. Px

WaldfrauAlexa said...

the chickens imnage are great !!!

June said...

Fantastic work, I havent had time to do the challenge this week yet so hope i can today
hugs June xxx

Zoechaos said...

Not sure i want to meet the middle chicken she looks cross very cross LOL I feel a veggie burger coming on.

Love the way the colours work on the caught in crystal background of your LTD piece they bring a wonderful highlight to the main image. xx Zoe