'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 21 September 2012

… so quickly after the other one? 

Your eyes do not deceive you – I’m here again, he, he.

I made two journal pages for the September Journalling mingle – the last two were sadly VERY late – but I hate one of them – so I may well not show it to you until I’ve rehashed it or made another one; decisions, decisions!

Here’s the one I do like.


I messed up the middle bit, so gessoed it and printed the words to cover it  - I like the result, though – serendipitous – you can’t see it in real life, though the scan shows it up a bit.  I’m going to add to the bottom bit ‘especially AND including’ KCUK cos my group friends are very special and very important to me.

The other page WAS about my love of cryptic crosswords but maybe that will now change…

Here’s another of those quick cards I seem to be making so many of lately. 

pour ma belle 

You’d think I’d be getting a dab hand (much quicker) at making them, with all the practise I’m getting, but no – I tried to make another one and after three (and a half-ish) attempts, I threw the whole lot in the bin this afternoon. I just can NOT keep things clean – and don’t seem to be able to do very much at the moment, without messing it up, big time!

Here’s another one I finished. 

everything in its tine

The background on this one is Brazen Brilliance, which I LOVE the effect of – (note to self: - must do some more of that, SOON).  The paler images are underneath the brayered/sponged Brilliance ink, but only show up at an angle – magical irridescence.  I love any kind of resist technique and indulge myself every so often.

BUT FIRST, I MUST  tidy that flipping stamp room before it drives me round the bend – and that’s not very far at the moment… I’m reaching the stage of not being able to find my favourite stamps again cos they’re all in boxes, waiting to be organised – or worse - cleaned. 

And I’ve decided I have WAY too many stamps (I know, hard to imagine that’s possible, isn’t it?), so I’ve made matters worse by pulling out drawers and laminated sheets and throwing stamps in piles (and more boxes), trying to decide how to get rid of them.  I think the first lot might go on Ebay this weekend, though I’m thinking of selling some via the blog, so have created a couple of new pages for future use.  You’ll notice that one of them is for TUTORIALS – yes, I’ll include Brazen Brilliance, some old ones and some new ones, so watch this space – just need some time.

Ooh, and I almost forgot - (sorry, Sioux) - I got a fabby prize from The Artistic Stamper, courtesy of Sioux, one of my favourite bloggers – must post the image and say thank you before I forget again… 

tick tock a5 plate

Ever seriously wonder if you’re going senile?????  Not messing, either, this time :-(

Have a lovely weekend :-)


11 very kind comments from lovely people:

Jackie said...

Another great page and cards. I really like the thank you card. Simple and yet sophisticated.

Paul B said...

You're creative projects all look good to me. Love those cheeky can-can ladies haha. But yes, I can sympathise with those days when it does nothing but go pear shape and the bin looks fuller than it did at the start. However, it's better to be making something and it not go quite as planned, than not to make anything at all. You can learn from the things you make, even if they head to the bin. You can't learn if you made nothing. Have a good weekend my friend. Pxxxx

Alie Hoogenboezem-de Vries said...

Such nice creations...the first one is my favorite with the great background..

greetings, Alie :-)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Fun Cath.

Karen said...

all three are gorgeous, stop being so hard on yourself hun! I do love the CAS card a lot, but the brazen one is my favourite! Can one really have too many stamps? hugs Karen x

Janny Jager said...

Love the Art Journal page so much
Great colors and Lady's
Very funny
The other cards are also very beautifull

Greetings Janny

Rosie said...

YES I DO ... wonder that is. Quite often, which is worrying. Love your journal page and completely share the sentiment.

froebelsternchen said...

so great Cath! AMAZING!You know :
I am a big " Ink on my fingers" FAN!

Adorable artwork!

hazel said...

A fabulous journal page, the background and colours are so lovely and I love the image. I also love the cards as well.
xxx Hazel.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous artwork, love each and every one.

Ann B said...

Catching up on some blog posts as I haven't had a good browse round for weeks. Love the Brazen Brilliance car and can remember you showing us how to do it in a class. Think I still have the instruction sheet tucked in my file - must get it out and have another go.
Thanks for the reminder
Ann B