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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 6 November 2009

These cards are unfinished – they’re just background to show the effect of the technique. the lighter colours you see in the scans don’t show up unless you tilt the card, giving a gorgeous multi layer appearance. The pearly Brilliance inks just make it that little bit more special. I’ll try to do another sample of this later on if I find time.

brazen brilliance 1

brazen brilliance 2

triple embossing 1

This last one is a Triple Resist Technique – stamped with Versamark ink, then brayered, ink removed then stamped with Versamark again, followed by brayering in another colour and finally, overstamped with yet another shade of ink, giving three shades altogether.

4 very kind comments from lovely people:

Unknown said...

I am such a doughnut ... for days I have seen this blog updated in my side bar ... have come over to see your card and been faced with the ugly card ... If only I had scrolled down! You have created some beautiful work ... Loving the tags and the cards and especially the colours! I really enjoyed the catch up *LOL*

Unknown said...

Love the technique - and adore the card - so Autumnal - and the sentiment is just perfect - at my age LOL

Vixykins said...

I'm still trying to get that to compute lol lol! How do you remove the versamark? I get the concept but not the removing the ink bit.

Looks fab Cath, really nice effect and yus you can see the other layers x

Cath Wilson said...

H'mm, now let's see if I can make it clearer :)

First of all you stamp in Versamark and heat set (or leave to dry). Then you brayer a dye ink (non permanent) over the top. Wipe off excess ink (not Versamark) then stamp again with Versamark, going through the same steps, but using a different shade of ink. The two shades will blend to give you a third colour, but the two imprintings of Versamark will remain their own different colours, the Versamark having resisted the ink. Finally, overstamp in another colour, just to add one more shade. Hope that helps!