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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Ooh, just had a fab half hour playing with Sharpies and alcohol – err, hiccup, hiccup, hiccup :) Only kidding – not the kind to drink – not yet anyway, lol.

I saw this technique somewhere - sorry I can’t remember where cos I hate it when people don’t credit the source! I’ll edit if I find it again. Anyway, I just fancied a go for a break from Maths (yuk!).

You just scribble on a non stick mat with various colours of Sharpie (or any alcohol based marker – try ‘P’ off pens or Permanent white board markers if you have them) then spray with alcohol (Isopropyl) and quickly lay something glossy in it, before it dries. You can get two if you hurry. I used glossy paper, so the colours are probably a little more muted than if it was hi gloss card but I’m in a muted mood after all that bright colour :) Here are my results.

sharpie bg 2

sharpie bg 1

sharpie bg 4

sharpie bg 3

These last two are my favourites. I used the same three colours I used on the bright coloured sheets a few weeks ago – magenta, turquoise and yellow. I know I said they’re muted but you can see the colours a little more than in these pics and while there is some white still showing, there’s very little of it, despite how the scans look

2 very kind comments from lovely people:

Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea and love the background colours. Like you my favourites are the last two for the same reasons - but they are all gorgeous.

Crafty Cardmakers said...

Brilliant Cath, lovely backgrounds x

I tried to get more alcohol and the chemist refused me lol! Ive bought from there before and after much discussion what it was for etc they said no, I asked if they actually had it in, yes but they're not selling it to me! lol!