'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 2 July 2010

I was lucky enough to happen upon a fab Music Mag from 1897 at a Car boot sale, just outside York when I was there at the weekend, so I thought I’d scan some of the pages and share them with you.


They’re pretty large files, so I’ll add a couple at a time.  Here are the first couple, the front and back covers.  Just click to enlarge for better resolution.  I haven’t tried cleaning them up at all because I thought you may like them as they are – naturally distressed.  Now that’s what I call torn pages, lol.  Aren’t they cool?

music mag fp
02 July 2010 (2)
I’ve rescanned this at a higher res and uploaded it again so that you could see the text more clearly.  If that doesn’t work, ask me to send you a copy – it’s easier, lol. I think Blogger may resize it.  Unfortunately, in the meantime, a little bit of the Venus Soap ad has torn – it’s pretty fragile – so I’ll upload the original, too, just in case you wanted that bit.
music mag 1

Here’s the promised Blog Candy.  A bit of a mixed bag ;)
blog candy july
There’s an Oriental rubber plate and a plate of great quotes, from Time to Stamp (now sold by I Brake for Stamps), a selection of mixed style single unmounted rubber stamps, Pearly Stuff, Provocraft Roller stamp (Alphabet letters you select to make the word), Suze Weinberg’s Beadazzles (Cha Cha), buttons, copper foil, Art Glitter Glue, Pearly Stuff, Alphabet Stickers (K & Co), jigsaw pieces and I’ll also throw in a selection of charms.
All you have to do is to leave a comment, telling me why you think I should give this to you…

58 very much appreciated comments:

aisling said...

Waw, that music mag looks fab! Not to mention your generous blog candy... I'm afraid I can't give you any reasons why I should deserve this candy more than the others. I'm just another craft addict who very much enjoys playing with new goodies. The Asian stamps would be more than welcome as I don't have any in my collection yet. And I never worked with copper foil either, that sounds like fun!

Tany Sol said...

Awesome magazine!!!!
And fantastic candy! Thanks for the chance to win it! Reallly want to be the lucky winner. I'm stampoholic...

Yvonne said...

Thanks so much for the vintage pages!

I should win the blog candy because it has my name all over it and like most other crafters, I'm addicted too :)

JoZart said...

Because I cannot see anything there which I already own and that in itself is amazing. Also it will help placate my addiction to rubber for a while. I haven't had a "fix" in ages!
Love the vintage pages, thanks for sharing.
Jo x

Hermine said...

Thank you so much for these great freebies. That is a candy as it is but if you persist on getting rid of things I know a great address..... MINE hahaha

Rosa-kreattiva said...

che meraviglia... io vorrei vincere queste meraviglie perchè sono all'inizio e ho pochi soldi per acquistare tutto il necessario e vincere qualche caramella sarebbe veramente bello... ;-)
ti ho inserito nella slidebar di http://blogcandymania.blogspot.com/
saluti dall'italia rosa.kreattiva
i am old follower
blog creative: http://kreattiva.blogspot.com/

Martina2801 said...

Dear Cath,
thank you very much for the wonderful freebies and the chance to win the fantastic candy:-)
Wish you a nice weekend.

Lesley said...

I love your find! Lots of uses for that I can foresee!

And what lovely blog candy...thank you for your generosity.

Why should I win it?....not sure if I should but please take pity on me (lol!)

Lesley x

WaldfrauAlexa said...

many thanks for your kind comments and the link of my blog.
I am very pleased and have your blog link with me.

I like your works very well. Great inspiration.


Sally H said...

Fabulous magazine! I think I prefer the sound of the wine to the emulsion though! Your blog candy looks fabulous. Why should you let me have it? You would be feeding my addiction!

Glennis said...

That was a great find for you - old music is so versatile. re your blog candy, I am sure my name is written in there somewhere, I am slowly increasing my stamps, but those ones would be very useful. Thanks for the chance

The Art Town said...

Hi there~
I like your candy.
I'm from Malaysia. I like you creations.
It is hard to get craft supplies in my place, especially those wonderful and pretty tubber stamps. THanks


Kleine85 said...


wow, such a nice candy - it's awesome.

Why should I be the lucky winner? Well, I love to be creative and it would make me really really happy ;)

Have a nice weekend,


andrea (funnyfanny) said...

dear cath!
awesome candy! i'd like to win it, because i'm just an absolute beginner in scrapping crafts and with theses beautiful tools i'll be an expert in quite a short time *giggle* it's amazing! thank you so much for this wonderful chance!
the magazin also is soooo lovely!
greets from germany

Claire said...

Thanks for such fab vintage pages, they're candy in themselves - love them!!
As for a reason to win your candy, got to be honest I haven't got one really apart from the fact that my motto is " You can never have enough rubber" lol
Have a good weekend
Claire xx

Anonymous said...

Really a good chance... thank you!
I don't know if i'm so lucky... but I love everything creative... and I like to make experiments!

Larisa said...

Well, the foreign masters are really spoilet with any rubber stamps, they can get them in any craft shop... But it is impossible to get them in Russian craft shops even. You can hardly find a craft shop in the large towns here even, but the small towns have not the craft shops at all. I think it is better to give this amount of stamps to one who really need in them (like me) and who'll be really happy to play with them . Then to give them to one who will put them to a pile of another stamps she has and who will never remember of them in the future. I think this is one of the reasons of giveaway - to give anything to one who needs in that but do not only collect the things for nothing...
Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway. I linked it on sidebar http://larisa-raznosti.blogspot.com/
Hugs. Larisa from Russia. xxx

Sarah A said...

What a great find that music mag was in all it's tattered, worn and distressed glory!

Why should I win your candy?? Hmmm cos my kids and cats think I have gone barmy stroking the monitor sahing "I NEED all that stuff". Would be comiong to a loving and careful owner LOL!

Sarah x

Peninia said...

WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy:) Thanks for a chance to win:)



stampdiva said...

Cath, thanks for the freebies. I've no doubt you will see these popping up in art all over the place :)
That Blog Candy is so generous. Hmmmm, why do I deserve the Blog Candy - well, I don't deserve it anymore than the next person BUT that's probably not what you want as an answer. I like to try out new products whether inks, stamps etc as for me, the way to learn and hopefully to improve is by experiementing and not getting stuck in a rut. I'd try and make the best use of your lovely Blog Candy. Lynne M x

Lottie said...

Thank you so very much for the magazine images - I have just signed up for an online journal book class and need all the 'help' I can get and your download sheets will be used for sure.

What a wonderful and generous blog candy giveaway. I find it hard to leave a comment as to why I 'deserve' to win some candy. All I can say is that the 'whole package' seems as though it has been assembled for not only one - but several journal books.

The quotes would be brilliant for my first attempt at a book, and from there I would like to make more. A Japanese Themed book - as I have a Japanese daughter in law - so the Oriental would be perfect. The Provo lettering word maker would be a godsend as my writing is not up to journalling standard. Buttons, copper foil, stickers, glitter, pearly stuff, Suze's Bedazzles, charms - these have got my imagination all fired up and raring to go. I could make an 'All the fun of the circus' journal with all that glitter and glamour etc. And for something completely different I would set myself a challenge to use all the individual stamps creatively in another journal - and I would even make a journal for you (of our choice) - and if you fancy having a go, I would write and send you step by step instructions as I make mine - so you can have a go too.

It would suit you down to the ground - there are so many different techniques - paints, inks, backgrounds (you excell at those) stmaping, using materials - fabrics, papers, etc. emphemera, and guess what - scissors are banned! Not a cut in sight!

If none of the above works - then how about someone grovelling, kissing the floor you walk on, or perhaps just a 'Pretty Please'?

Seriously though - good luck to all who enter; I am sure that you are all worthy winners.

Lottie said...

I left a comment and it seemed to 'crash' so not sure if it went through - I will leave posting another for now in case it did.


The Paper Princess said...

What a fabulous giveaway you are offering! Thank you for the chance to win. I would love the opportunity to try with these products and share them with my readers, which I would not be able to do otherwise. Thanks for sharing them with us!


Jack said...

Love the magazine - thanks for sharing. And why should you send me the blog candy? Cos I'm worth it, LOL

Ludkasz said...

This is fantastic candy:) Thanks for a chance to win:)
Hugs from Poland:)

Zoechaos said...

Fabulous give away you have inspired me with a way to share some of my recent 'finds' not quite as vintage or well worn as yours but they may interest someone so will follow your lead over the next couple of days.

As for your blog candy WOW WOW WOW and some very deserving reasons already given. Cannot come up with a reason beyond oh PLEASE take pity on a dotty woman and her cats! xx Zoe

Kras said...

I get them because I'm from a small distant country and
Live in a small and boring town. Here I found you and your friends. I believe that you will support me to win in your candy and make them new projects

cmoh said...

This may very well be the BEST blog candy give away that I have ever seen...of course that is my opinion...but my opinion counts ;)

Let's see why should I be the lucky recipient of this fabulous give away? Ummm b/c I love it so much and because I am dying to play with it. My mind is spinning with ideas for using the wonderful bits and pieces. I also no longer keep any of my creations...so whatever I come up with will make it's way to another artist (who will die to see this give away) or to someone that is very special and deserving.

Ann B said...

Wow, what a blog candy-fest this one is Cath. Why should I win?...because a girl can never have too much rubber :-)
Ann B

joy said...

Well, after reading all the other comments, I can't really say that I deserve to win any more than another person does!!! Sure would be fun to win and play with all those goodies, though!

Lorraine said...

wow this is awesome now i think everyone deserves to win if they are as passionate as me where my stamps are concerned but i would love to win as i don't have any oriental stamps or have ever used lots of the other things like the pearly stuff i would give the candy a great home and would make very good use of them thankyou for the chance of winning this super fun stuff xx

Sid said...

Ohhh rubba, I just love rubba !! and your other candiful things are to die for too ! They will all be used........if !

cockney blonde said...

Thanks for the freebie downloads Cath. I love rooting around in car boot sales and charity shops for all sorts of old stuff that can either be altered or used in my crafting.
As for the blog candy...why me... cos you lurve me, lol, x
BTW, thanks for the help with the scheduling, x

Darlene said...

What a great find and thanks for sharing.

Why me for the blog candy???? cuz maybe I am one of the furthest away and would luv to be the recepient (and besides - make all the other jealous that you picked me instead of them hehehhehe)


Fiona Whitehead said...

I love your card with the white and blue and touch of red - still captured that nostalgic feel of the pears soap - I can give you a few reasons why you should let me have the candy -
a) I've lost my mojo and haven't been crafting much and this would really help
b) I've never won any candy
c) my best friend in school used to be called Cath Wilson and I was Fiona Wilson - we were the Wilson twins! lol!

Have a great day - love the music giveaways too x

Candi said...

Thanks for all of the freebies you give us — I love vintage images. And the giveaway... WOW! What a great prize!

I love quotes, so I'd like to win just because of those. I'm also very interested in the roller stamp. It's all so, so... pretty! Oh the fun I could have with all of that pretty!

WaldfrauAlexa said...

I hope the translation program does not leave me in sting and English sounds not too awful.
Of course I also do not leave it, to try, to win thus great candy. If it is worth also to German participants, because the postage is not unimportant.
Why I think that I should win ... I believe I is to be given a lot to find the right words for it. What I should say what other have not already said.
Humph ... well, I think I should win because I love the stamps and tinkering and Scrappen very much and many possibilities and ways try to be able to pursue around it furthermore. many thanks for cahnce on such a fantastic profit.
Lots of love from Germany

MoooooN said...

Hello! What's a candy! I really like it... And I love stamps very much!!! Thanks for a chance to win!


Emma said...

Wow, fab candy i would love to win it :) I love stamping and making a mess and this would be a nice addition to my collection :) plus they look fab!!

Thanks for the chance to win, emma xx

sandra said...

First let me say that this is amazing candy!!!
And I'm so glad you asked that.
I'm like first crafter-stamper in my country,and here are no special craft shops,just few hobby shops and you have more stash in that candy then that shops all together.
I was thinking of leaving card making because I was tired of search for stash to craft.
But then I love it and enjoy so much...
So battle continues...
Thanks for the chance!

dizzy said...

wow what a very kind offer so many nice things i really cannot think of a reason why you should give me these lush items just that i would be made up to get them and make good use of them and would be over joyed good luck to the lucky winner and thank you for the chance of winning some really cool goodies xxxxx

Carole RB said...

Hi Cath
Thanks for the freebies and thanks a bunch for the opportunity to win this super blog candy. Why should you give it to me? Of course I will answer that I love stamping, making card etc etc. But for me the best answer is that I am (we are) celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary on the 19th and I could make a "souvenir album" of our 35th anniversary! with that new stuff!

Ati. said...

What an amazing old magazine. Thanks for sharing it with bloggers:)
I would love to be in your prize drawing. Have just began making paper journals and can use some stuff to make it more interesting looking. Beside that I have my birthday on the 21th ;)

Dotpat said...

Love the magazine pages Cath and a lovely bundle of blog candy you are offering

Fata Azzurra said...

Because I love to stamp!!! :)

Närrin said...


what a great candy :-)

I want to win this candy, because I love to stamp and to be creative. It is the most beautiful hobby in the world.


Elsina said...

Awesome candy. I would love to win it as I am new to stamping and have only a few stamps and they are so hard to get where I live and because it's my birthday this week LOL

Светлана said...

Wow, what a blog candy-fest this one is Cath. Why should I win?...because a girl can never have too much rubber :-)

Franca said...

WOW that is an amazing candy!!!

Because I love the stamps

Hugs Franca

minerva said...

very yummy candy - I'd love the chance to win, it would be a great opportunity to try a new style, I love your blog but don't have the courage and as a lone parent the money to buy new stuff just to play. So if I won I'd make summer mini books filled with rainy days .... all we seem to be getting!

StampingPinkie said...

Dear Cath,

this is a really, really lovely candy you are offering!

Well, why should I win... I am an absolute beginner in the world of stamping, so I have to learn so many things now and new material definitely helps to get inspired... :-)
I would love and honour every part of the candy!
..and I would send you a card, made with the contents!

Many greetings from Germany

Rina (butterfly) said...

Beautiful music, thank you! I'll use it in their works. Link to the right. Greetings from Russia. Irina

Shraddha said...

Very very nice candy..Thanks for it..I would love to win..If I do win..then stuff from the candy will be on a lot of my creations definitely be mentioned in every other new post ..coz I would be using a lot of stuff from it!!Getting hold of good crafting material is tough in India.Thanks again

Rina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Zitronenfalter said...

ugh, why I should win this amazing Candy?
Because I'm absolutly a Stampaholic, that has allready spend all her Money of this month, so i can't buy any other new Stamps :D

Hugs, Lilith

KarenB said...

... because you can be assured it would have a very happy home here in Australia with me!! I love to create and each of those goodies is something new to me. Thanks for the chance to play along.

kbell said...

i'm a long time stamper who just discovered the blogging stamp world (i know a bit late to the party) and what stamper needs an excuse for more great stuff?!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi there
Great giveaway... I've just popped over from Being Karen.. yes that's right Being Ruby via Being Karen..!!

So,.not sure of date and time there [maybe too late].. but why me!! cause I love your blog name Inky Fingers and right now I have inky fingers.. well.. more to the point fingers covered in black wood stain.. little accident today... If I am lucky enough to win I will surely commit myself to some project in your honour!!! also.. Love stamps!!!! Another Aussie saying thanks for the chance.. xx Julie