'What you do speaks so loudly, I can't hear what you say.'
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 21 August 2009

I’m getting too old for this, lol. The U2 Concert was possibly the best of all I’ve been to, though not sure if I can compare it to Roundhey. Not only did we have fab band Elbow (after the Hours had been on) to entertain us and warm us up, but then U2 just excelled themselves. Excellent sound – we heard every single word – great stage and wonderful effects. AND we were really close to the front of the walkway, behind the small enclosure. Yep, we paid for it in terms of lack of movement and breathing space – standing in the same spot with hardly any room for manoeuvre for more than 5 1/2 hours doesn’t do your feet or legs any good and let’s not even think about those dreaded loo visits, which I managed to avoid by not drinking a thing!

Anyway, most of our phone shots and videos weren’t up to much but these two aren’t bad, so I thought I’d share. This is the crowd behind us, earlier in the evening.

Sheffield crowd

This incredible bridge swung out and suddenly Edge was walking towards us, 4ft away with his fab guitar, followed later by Bono, singing to us – superb! You can see the bridge behind him and he’s slightly to our left, there, which explains the distance.

bono again

Unfortunately, it was 1.15am before we even managed to get out of Sheffield, so we only arrived home at 2.45 and I needed a drink after all those hours without in the hot sun (yes, it was a beautiful, summery day) so I was up until 3.45. Yes, I’m knackered, lol.

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Lottie said...

Whoo Hoo - looks fabulous and what a perfect day weather wise.

It is worth being tired for isn't it.